Accurate casting

Explanation: accurate casting is a method in witch a mold will be made by covering the impermanent model with ceramic grout. Model (usually made of wax or plastic) will come out by burning or melting the outer lining.
In the sand molding, wooden modeling and metal modeling, mold will be used to make shapes inside the substance. In these methods models can be used again but the mold can not. In accurate casting both model and mold can’t be used again.

Being able to make complicated shapes that can’t be made in other casting methods.
The ingredients and technique of this process will allow us to repeat making pieces with good size and flat surface accuracy.
This method can be used with all of the casting metals and alloys. It also makes it possible to make pieces made of several alloys.
Using this process, you can make pieces with the least need of machining. So there will be no limitation of using alloys.
It is better making metallurgical pieces with this method.
Casting and melting the pieces can get matched in vacuum.
There won’t be any splitting line; so there won’t be any problems that were caused by splitting line.

The size and weight of pieces will be limited and the pieces mostly weigh less than 5 kg.
Equipment and tools will cost more than other methods.