Gravity Die Casting

Explanation: gravity die casting is a method in witch two parts will be the mold and the melted metal will fill the mold by the weight (Gravity).
In this method simple muscles will be made of metal, but the complicated ones will be made of plaster and sand. If the muscles made of sand or plaster get used in special molds, it will be called the Semi-Permanent method.
The gravity die casting process is suitable for making pieces in large numbers and almost uniform thicknesses. This method has advantages and limits comparing with impermanent molds:
Being able to make pieces uniformly, almost good size accuracy, good surface view, high physical and mechanical properties, less casting defects.
Limits and disadvantages:
Not being able to make all of the alloys, being non-economic in case of making in low numbers, not being able to make big and heavy pieces, not being able to make pieces in specific shapes, necessity of using mold’s lining.